Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Meco - Lapti Nek -- Nostalgic Dream comes true

Twelve years is a pretty long time and believe it or not, I had been searching for this song - Lapti Nek from Meco - for such a long period of time. Why it took me such a long time? That's a long story. But here is a shortened version.

Meco - Lapti Nek (Star Wars VI) I first heard the song when my father brought a few cassettes and records from abroad, Bangkok to be exact. I was just a child back then and didn't pay any attention to artist or song names printed on the covers or label. My sole obsession was with listening and this song Lapti Nek, among others, quickly mesmerized me to its unique tune . Although the language was incomprehensible, yet the tune and rhythm were outstanding. After a lapse of several years, the cover of the cassette was destroyed due to wear and tear and I completely forgot who sung the song and (Laughing out Loud) even what language the singer was singing in. That resulted in years of searching on internet and elsewhere because I needed a better quality version of the song, as the one on the tape had lost quality. Thanks to Yahoo Answers, the problem was finally (but partially) solved when someone finally recognized the song as being from Star Wars Episode VI. Now the only problem remains is to get the high quality version of the song. The fact is, this song is a rarity on the internet even in 2010 when sites like BeeMP3 contain almost every song you ever heard.

Here is my own recorded version of the song Lapti Nek from Meco, for everyone else to listen and enjoy.
Listen to: Meco - Lapti Nek

If someone has the high quality version, please do share.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Torching of 130+ NATO Tankers in Islamabad

Another event highly significant to the security situation of our country Pakistan is being downplayed by the Local media. The burning of 130+ NATO oil and supply tankers near the outskirts of Islamabad is not just another terrorism incident.  It is a devastating blow to the security image of Pakistan, which, by all accounts, is already diminishing rapidly. Before going into details, here are some images of the torching spree which occurred around 11pm local time.

So what significance does this event has? Well here are a few points to think about
  • It shows the ability of the militants to strike (once again) at the heart of the state.
  • The event proves that militants are still stronger and powerful and have the ability to striker at a location of their choosing.
  • It demonstrates the fact the militancy is not just limited to FATA, Pakhtonkhaw, or Southern Punjab but is spread over the whole Pakistan.
  • The ongoing military operations might have been successful, but in a bigger context, they may have caused an even rapid increase in militancy and violence.
  • It also shows the shallowness of claims by the Government of successes in eliminating terrorism.
  • Most importantly, it shows that elements within the establishment are sympathetic to the cause and actions of militants. After all, such a big scale operation near the capital city and successful escape and vanishing of the perpetrators could not have been accomplished without help from locals as well as others.